Jamie Keyes, Ph.D

Jamie Keyes, Ph.D.

I am one of just a dozen Board Certified Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychologists in Washington. I specialize in working on the types of thoughts, feelings and actions that can help us be at our best... or alternatively are creating some problems in our lives. I would utilize evidence based approaches proven to work, & tailor those to the unique & individual situation going on in your life, working toward solutions that make things run more smoothly.

I specialize in the testing / evaluation and treatment of children & teens struggling with academic; relationship; or behavioral aspects of their lives. I also have a sub-specialty in the treatment of chronic pain. In either area, I uniquely tailor my interventions to help people feel better as soon as possible. I also have specialized experience in testing for Dementia; Cognitive problems and in Post-concussion testing.

I have specialty expertise in the following areas: